Charles D’Entraygues, Girl Teasing an Old Man, undated_ISANG Collection

- Born in Brives, France, D’Entraygues received his artistic training in the studio of Isidore Pils. When he arrived in Paris, the city was reeling from the destruction caused by the 1871 blockade during the Franco-Prussian war. His debut took place in 1876 when he exhibited L’Embarras du Choix (Embarrassment of Riches). D’Entraygues specialised in genre paintings often centred on children captured in mischievous acts.  These works offered the viewer, a glimpse behind the serious façade of the church and the social political structures of the time, depicting young people transgressing ‘proper’ social etiquettes. Though there were a select group of patrons interested in acquiring works of post-impressionism, D’Entraygues anecdotal painting where increasingly popular in the last half of the nineteenth century, his amusing subject matter was greatly admired by the bourgeois art collector. Girl Teasing an Old Man is typical of his style. An old man peers over the painted screen that separates him from a young women. The young women is bending provocatively forward lifting her ‘Madonna’ blue gown to expose her ankle whilst holding behind her back the old man’s crutch. He can look at her but he cannot get to her.