Philip Connard, Pastoral, undated_ISANG Collection

- Philip Connard was born in England. Connard left school with the minimum education and became a house painter. While attending evening art classes he won a scholarship to study textile design to the Royal College of Art in London. His neo- rococo style was admired by an aspirant nouveaux- riche. Pastoral represents an aspect of his production oriented towards Interior design one might call it wallpaper. It depicts a gathering of women, and domestic livestock in an open air setting. The reclining nude in the forefront of the composition swirls her foot seductively in a stream whilst the three clothed women, one with cleavage exposed, one with back arched and one playing music, look on. The nude child stands apart from the women with its back to the viewer, playing with a goat. The constructed scene painted with soft colours suggest to the viewer that the scene is idyllic. The women and child are painted with the same regard as the livestock, domesticated and unthreatening to a male viewer.