Master of the Retable of Güstrow, St. Catherine of Alexandria, c.1520s_ISANG Collection. - Not much is known about the Master of Güstrow, also recorded as the Master of the Retable.  According to the historian M.J Friedlander in Die Altniederländische Malerei, this painter worked in the workshop of Barend van Orley, a leading artist in Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting. There are very few known surviving artworks by the Master of Güstrow, other than the altarpiece with the crucifixion of Christ in Schleißheim and St. Catherine of Alexandria.Saint Catherine is, according to tradition and hagiography, a Christian saint and virgin martyr executed in the early 4th century by the pagan emperor Maxentius. In this painting, Saint Catherine is represented as a royal princess with a golden crown. She is holding a sword, a symbol of her decapitation, and a book which represents science, knowledge and erudition. She is wearing a ring on her left hand, which alludes to her mystic marriage with Christ. Lying at her feet in the bottom left corner is the wooden wheel with iron spikes, which is a symbol of her martyrdom. A bearded old man in a Roman military outfit and holding a golden sceptre is peeping out from behind her dress – a possible reference to the emperor. Looking at the historical context with a contemporary perspective, Saint Catherine is depicted as a strong and powerful character dwarfing the man in comparison.