Loan Request Procedure

The New Church Museum welcomes loan requests that will enable our dynamic collection of South African and African artworks to reach new audiences, inspire learning and increase public engagement with African contemporary art.

Requests should be sent via email to the Collections Registrar. Please include the following information with your loan request:

  • Title of the exhibition
  • Venue(s) and dates. Please note: if the show is travelling, a loan request with relevant dates is required from each hosting venue. The dates should indicate the collection and return dates (within reason),  and the dates of the exhibition.
  • The name, address and contact details, of the person responsible /organiser at each hosting venue.
  • Brief synopsis of the exhibition including the name of the curator and participating artists
  • Type of loan – temporary, long term, touring exhibition
  • A complete list of the objects requested
  • A full facilities report from each hosting venue. Including environmental conditions (Lux, Humidity, Security systems.)

For further information about loaning artworks from The New Church Museum, please contact: